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Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems manufacturers India

We manufacture and set up process of automation plants. Process control system involves controlling process fluids based on several inputs from the sysytem like temperature, pressure, flow rate, density, level and other inputs avail these dairy plants from us in several specifications to choose from.

Process Control Systems is a statistics and engineering discipline that deals with the mechanisms for maintaining the output of a specific process within a desired range like speed and temperature controls. The range of Process Control Systems that we offer include Di-Cooling System, Water Cooling System, Control Panel and Water Heating System. These equipment are manufactured according to the needs of the clients and comprises of various controls such as

  • Temperature controls within the range of 0.2 C
  • Pressure control within the range of 0.2 bar at the discharge of the system
  • Flow control of liquids at the discharge of the system with in preferred range
  • Ph & concentration controls of various acids & alkalies in the system with dosing pumps.

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