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Stainless Steel Tanks Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Tanks Manufacturer in India | SS Tanks Suppliers & Exporters 

All types of Stainless Steel Tanks Manufacturer by Ved Engineering Works, used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. We have a setup of 500m2 area factory in noida with latest machines to fabricate stainless tanks, vessels and structures.

Our services include –

  • Planning and calculation of raw material to be used in each fabrication
  • Using 2d & 3d software to finalize the drawings before manufacturing
  • Using top quality cutting and shearing machines for proper finish
  • Using good quality abrasives and welding consumables for proper weld joints and finish.
  • Testing and final polishing of tanks as per requirement

Not only are we a stainless steel storage tank manufacturer, our other range of fabricated products include –

  • Can scrubber
  • Can washer
  • Can tipping bar
  • Can conveyor
  • Can drip saver
  • Weigh bowl
  • Dump tank
  • Milk pump
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • SS storage tanks
  • Milk filter
  • Milk chiller
  • Milk storage tanks
  • Milk Pasteurizer
  • Batch Pasteurizer
  • Cream separator
  • Milk homogenizer
  • Dahi tank
  • Cup filling machine
  • Pouch filling machine
  • Cold store
  • Paneer vat
  • Paneer press
  • Ss storage tanks and vessels
  • Paneer cooling tank
  • lassi chiller,
  • cream pasteurizer,
  • whey cooler,
  • milk heater for paneer
  • ice cream mix cooler
  • Milk silo
  • High shear mixer
  • Low shear mixer

We manufacture in all grades of stainless steel like SS304 & SS316 depending upon the application.

Services of Ved Engineering works –

  • Quotation within one day
  • 2D Design of layout within 1 day
  • 3D design of complete plant in 1 week
  • Manufacturing equipment  within 1- 4 months

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